The biggest Linux & Embedded
conference in Eastern Europe
April 14, 2018, Kyiv
Root Linux Conference is the biggest tech conference on Linux, Embedded and Automotive software development in Eastern Europe.

These days, Linux is found in lots of smart things around us, including mobile devices, wearables, medical equipment, vehicles, and more. If you want to build the next generations of competitive embedded solutions be sure to join Root Linux Conference 2018.
Andriy Shevchenko
Intel Finland Oy
Typical Mistakes when Submitting a New Code to Linux Kernel
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Linus Walleij
GPIO and Pin Control for Embedded Systems. MMC/SD and a Little SDIO
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Juergen Gross
SUSE Linux
Xen Paravirtualized Devices: a Description of the Architecture
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Joakim Bech
Why Use TEE's and How to Avoid Mistakes when Working with Them
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Pavel Machek
DENX Software Engineering GmbH
Modular Cell Phone Software: Mainline Kernel and PostmarketOS
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Hans Verkuil
Cisco Systems Norway
HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control): Intro & Status Update
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